Innovative recruitment solutions built on solid foundations

Our recruitment division is at the heart of The Shore Group and has been powering projects since we founded in 2008. With a focus on strategic partnerships, our recruitment division has the skills, experience and expertise to support your needs across fitout, M&E and construction sectors.   

Offering a range of innovative solutions, our recruitment team supports both interim and permanent recruitment needs with sector-specific teams dedicated to blue collar and white-collar roles.

With UK-wide offices, we understand that every project comes its own challenges and so our teams work with you to overcome these. 


Our innovative financing models offer you the cost control and certainty you need. Whether it’s our unique partnership with American Express allowing you to pay via your credit card or our proprietary online Portal giving you real-time visibility of your labour spend, we’ve got you covered.


Built on strong foundations, risk management is embedded into our recruitment process and your supply chain. Our compliance team guarantees worker compliance combined with our finance processes constantly monitoring supply chain viability. Our processes are transparent with multiple accreditations including ISO45001, ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001.


Our brand ideal values guide us to offer solutions that our better for our clients, our workers, the communities we serve and our team. As part of this our dedicated CSR team work with you to meet and exceed your 106 requirements including our market leading Ethical Recruitment focus.

Innovation at our core

From paying on a 54-day cycle while earning rewards points with American Express to our Portal for real-time labour cost control, we’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate.

Our Accreditations

The Compliance team’s key responsibility is to ensure The Shore Group is fully complying with HMRC and Home Office Legislations and Regulations.