Our CSR Brand Ideal

Our CSR programme is driven by our brand ideal belief; that every action we take is better for clients, for workers, our team and the communities we serve. Developed over a number of years and ever expanding, delivery of CSR programme targets is a responsibility of every member of The Shore Group.

Each element of the programme fits with our brand ideal, creating benefits throughout the community and our supply chain. As part of our strategic partnership with clients, our CSR programme is designed to help them achieve their CSR goals and in particular meet the Section 106 requirements of each project.

There are three pillars to our CSR Programme:


Our ethical recruitment model connects directly with workers and communities at the point of need, boosting local skills and employment, and supporting clients to achieve their Section 106 obligations.

Supported by a dedicated team, our ethical recruitment initiative works with youth centres, local charities, prisons, apprenticeships and job centres enabling under-represented demographics to build their careers within our sectors.


Each year we nominate our charitable partners for the year. Selected by our team, we partner with three charities each year, focusing on those supporting our local communities and linking to the sectors we work in.

Our charities for 2022 are The Lighthouse Club (link), Turning Tides (link) and Foodbank (link). Contact us or follow our social channels to see regular updates on our charitable partnerships and how you can support.


As part of the integrated supply chains within the construction, fitout, M&E and retail industries, we work with our clients to ensure our operations are sustainable and efficient.

We are committed to reducing the footprint of our operations and those of our workers on client sites.